This Week's Specials

  • Avocado  99c each
  • Dates Fresh Californian 500gm pack  $7.49
  • Beans Green  $6.99kg
  • Kiwifruit GOLDEN pack of 8  $5.99pun
  • Eggs Free Range- Local 700gms  $5.99doz
  • Apples pink lady  $4.99kg
  • Jerusalem artichoke  $4.99 kg
  • Broccoli  $4.79kg
  • A Family Value F&V Box $39  $39box


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This weeks $39 box includes,

1kg washed potatoes, 4 brown onions,300gms beans, 1/2 cauli, 1kg carrots,600gms sweet potato, 1kg gala apples, 1/2 rocky, 1kg pears, 1 pun strawberries, 1kg bananas, 1kg oranges, 1kg mandarins, 2 tomatoes, 1iceberg lettuce and 1 avocado.


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