Crumbed Eggplant with Minted Tzatziki

Crumbed Eggplant with easy minted Tzatziki. 3/4 cup plain flour salt and pepper 2 eggs 1/4 cup milk 2 cups dried breadcrumbs 2 medium eggplant cut into 1cm slices olive oil for shallow frying lemon wedges to serve EASY MINTED TZATZIKI 200gm tun of tzatziki dip 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves 1tbs lemon juice
1. place dip, mint and lemon juice in a bowl, season with salt and pepper stir and set aside to let he flavours develop. 2. Place flour in a shallow bowl and season with salt and pepper. Combine eggs and milk in another bowl. and breadcrumbs in another. Coat each eggplant peice in a light dusting of flour then dip in egg before finishing with breadcrumbs. (I add parmesan cheese to the breadcrumbs for flavour). Put on a plate once coated. 3. Heat 1/2cm of oil in a large frypan over med heat. cook eggplant in small batches for 1 to 2 mins on each side. Drain on paper towel. Serve with tzatziki and lemon wedges. THIS IS ONE OF GINOS FAVOURITE SNACKS.