Roasted Tomato, Rocket & Chorizo Spagetti

Roasted Tomaotes, Rocket and Chirizo spagetti 400gms dried spagetti 1tbs olive oil 2 chirizo sausages finely diced 400gms cherry tomatoes or sliced vine tomatoes 3 garlic cloves finely chopped 100gms rocket 125gms greek feta cheese 1/3 cup olives 2tbs olive oil ground black pepper

1. Cook spagetti until al dente 2. heat oil in frypan, add chorizo and cook tossing for 5 mins until golden and take out of pan. Add tomatoes and garlic to the pan juices tossing for about 4 mins. 3. Drain spagetti and return to pan. Add tomato mixture, chorizo, rocket, feta and olive oil and pepper to taste. Toss over heat for a minute to combine and serve. 4. Garnish with a bit more feta and rocket in the bowl.