Skin Cleasing Juice

Skin cleansing Juice Carrot, Apple and Capsicum You will need, 2 Carrots, unpeeled, ends trimmed 1 red capsicum, cut and deseeded. 1 apple , halvved and cored. Icecubes to serve 1. Place your carrots, capsicum and apple in juicer one peice at a time and serve immediately with ice cubes.
This is a great juice for your skin although try a different combination each day with whats in your fridge. There is no rules with juice. Great cancer fighting juice includes any leavy greens like spinach and parsley and also anything red like beetroot is fantastic and tastes so good cool.
Ginger is so good for you, add a very small peice about the size of a 5c to each juice you drink for the benefits.