Strawberry & Blood Orange Zabaglione

Strawberry & Blood orange Zabaglione

Prep 20min

Cooking 10min

Serves 6 people

Blood orange Zabaglione.

4 egg yolks (at room temp)

1/3 cup castor sugar

1/3 cup strained blood orange juice (approx. 2 oranges)

1. combine blood orange segments and strawberries in a bowl. Spoon evenly into 6 serving glasses. set aside.

2. Place egg yloks and sugar in a heatproof mixing bowl. Beat on high for 3 mins untiln thick and creamy. Place bowl over saucepan of simmering water ensuring bowl does not meet water beat for 4 to 5mins until thick and warm, gradually mix in orange juice and continue mixing until ir resembles lightly whipped cream. Remove and put base of bowl in cold water for 1 minutes.

3. Spoon warm Zabaglione over fruit in glasses and serve. TO DIE FOR!