Sweet Corn and Ham Fritters

Gino’s Sweet Corn and Ham Fritters
Now the kids are back to school we are once agin thinking about food our kids will love as well as being healthy for them. I hope they love this one. 2/3 cup SR Flour 1 egg lightly beaten 2/3 cup low fat milk 4 corn cobs, husks and silks removed 3 shalloots thinly sliced 100gms sliced leg ham, finely chopped salt and pepper veg oio for frying Sour cream and sweet chilli sauce to serve, optional 1. sift flour in bowl and add eggs and milk whisking continuously to make batter, set asdie for 10mins. 2. Hold corn upright and chop of side kernels, add them to batter with shallots and ham, season with salt and pepper and combine. 3. Heat oil and use 1/3 cup per fritter, cook until golden and turn making sure they are cooked in centre. Put on paper towel. Serve warm or enjoy cold later as a snack. Great for the lunch box! CORN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBRE. CONTAINS VIT B. GREAT SOURCE OF POTASSIUM TO BALANCE OUR SALT INTAKE. SLOWLY DIGESTED FOR LONGER ENERGY.